Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LEED Zeppelin Wows Seattle

Why are there so few Led Zeppelin cover bands? Why are even fewer worth seeing? Because it's virtually impossible to nail Robert Plant's voice.

Enter Brandon Wisley, new lead singer for Leed Zeppelin. Brandon owns the experience with complete authority. With leonine swagger and curly locks, Brandon prowls the stage, waiting for the exact moment to unleash his tremendous vocal fury. Then, with artistry and modulation he woos such emotion out of Led's ballads, damsels beware. Not only does he nail the voice, but he exudes that Sex and Rock n' Roll animal magnetism with which Robert Plant was so mightily endowed.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I witnessed sublime and a heart felt renditions of some LedZepII material, which, in my opinion, is their zenith. To pull off a good Led cover, all the players have to be balls-out rock, and this band does it. Jeff Nelson on bass stoically rammed the beat home with Rich Rios and Chris Kiger. They are local boys, mostly from Black Diamond, with one member from another Led cover band called Kashmir, all superb.

Friend their Facebook band page, and check out upcoming shows.

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