Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Billy Shew Band

Shew Fetish

Go and see Billy Shew and you will be humming melodies and tapping toes for days. Billy is one of those rare guitarist/songwriters who gets into your head and lingers. Maybe it’s the fact that he writes his own original material and does his own vocals—his music is delivered straight from the heart.

It doesn’t hurt that he has mastered his instrument and makes it look easy. Or that his playing is bright and musical. Billy isn’t hard on the ears or the eyes. But what truly engages is his ability to do what good movies do, and that is to “suspend disbelief.” Meaning, he takes you away, and for a brief time you’re removed to a magical place all his own making. Don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up!

Billy Shew lead vocals and guitar, Doug McGrew on drums, and Hank Yanda on bass,
doing a mystical "Feels Like Rain"

Billy’s new album, called Look at Me Now provides a clue to his enigmatic appeal. Starting with the punchy How ‘Bout Now? he’s right there, and, you realize instantly, so are you. With surprising chord progressions, nice fat bass, great lyrics, and tasty embellishment licks, Billy is all about being in the moment. He exudes a sense of gratitude and yet longing. The poignant “Is This Real?” shows a childlike awe and wonder. His stellar band brings rich harmonies and depth to the arrangements. A special shout-out to his bassist, Hank Yanda, one of the best around. Love the old ’62 jazz bass, smooth as velvet.

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