Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jar of Rain

Julio Posada on bass, John Thornburg on vocals, Russ Thornburg on lead guitar

John Thornburg tearing it up on the drums (photo from

Hot Young Band

I had the great pleasure of seeing Jar of Rain play at the new 88 Keys jam on Wednesday night, and Whew! These boys rock! They showed up on the radar about a year ago at the old Oddfellows jam in Redmond (by the way, how’s that Martini bar going??), and what a wonder a year makes.

John Thornburg has matured significantly as a musician, and at the tender age of 18 is already cultivating his explosive style of drumming. Sharp, powerful, and with unexpected artistry, he is a drummer to watch, now and in the years to come. His younger brother, Russ, plays a fine lead guitar, and to round out the sound, they’ve got sure-footed Julio Posada on bass.

The threesome play mostly their original material, which is also maturing. Is it loud? Yes. Is it raw? Yes. Does it show huge potential? Yes. Original songwriting is tricky; it’s partly craft and partly genius. These guys might just have what it takes.

In the meantime, when Jar covers a song, they take it further than it’s ever gone. Most young bands wouldn’t attempt the Beatles’ Come Together, or fall short in the effort, but these guys absolutely smashed it to the moon.

"Like" Jar's Facebook page to get posts about upcoming shows. Go see them in small venues while you can; rumor has it they are gaining interest with all the right people.

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